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DanzeParma.net was founded late 2010 as a way to share information about the Danze Parma Collection of Faucets and fixtures. We strive to share unbiased information about the Danze brand of products, and will only recommend products to you that we have personal experience with. Our founder, Nick, previously worked at a plumbing wholesale distribution company that sold many different brands of kitchen and bath fixtures. His experience in the industry gave him a perspective about what faucets and fixtures were most popular, but more importantly, he dealt with thousands of REAL people, ACTUALLY installing these Danze Parma products, and listened to their feedback. He has held every single product on this site in his hands personally, and has also seen what the competitors have to offer.  The overwhelmingly positive response to the Danze brand of products motivated the creation of this site. Read some Danze Parma Reviews!

Of all the brands available, it's sometimes hard to know which to choose. Most products sound good when you read about them, and many look good (at least based on a picture), so without any real world experience or solid information, you are taking a gamble when your order something you have never actually seen.  Danze Parma was founded with the idea of sharing in depth, quantitative information about the Danze Faucet brand and the Parma Collection. We aim to present you with information such as installation how-to advice, design help, and create a presentation of the products which can help you understand why the Danze Parma Collection is so sought after. We will also help you visualize a complete look, with faucets, showers, tub fillers, matching bathroom accessories, and more.

This site aims to be the one place you need to go to get a real feel for what Danze Parma Faucets and fixtures are all about. We promote products on this site through Amazon, so if you choose to order, everything will be handled professionally, securely, and quickly by Amazon's highly trusted site. We make product recommendations with the aim of making your life easier when selecting which product you should order. Giving you the piece of mind that you know it will fit, you know it has the functions you desire, and you know it will match your design aesthetic (both in finish and style).

The advice and information presented on Danze Parma is 100% free. If you find it useful, please consider purchasing a product by clicking one of our links as we earn a small referral commission from Amazon. This does NOT in anyway raise the Amazon price to you. It helps us cover the expenses of maintaining this website, and allows us to remain available to give you individual advice should you have specific questions regarding any of the Danze Parma items recommended.  You are welcome to contact us any time if there is something you don't understand.  We truly hope you will, because it is through our readers feedback that we learn where DanzeParma.net is unclear.

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