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A Danze Parma Shower is one of the greatest Danze Faucets you can put in your home. Many people do not think of a shower as a Faucet, and they of course are right in a technical sense. The main difference is really just in the installation. A Danze shower requires a valve to be installed in your wall behind the tile. You will note, if you browse through the great Danze Parma Shower fixtures, you will notice that some include the rough-in valve, and others do not. When deciding on the correct Danze shower fixture for you, make sure it includes the rough-in valve. In the link above, we have indicated which items include and do not include the rough-in valve. It is VERY important when considering purchasing a shower faucet online, that you have enough time. Generally speaking, you must have a contractor to install the rough-in valve, as this is a bit trickier than a normal Danze Faucet. Some Soldering in the wall is required so we do not recommend doing this job yourself.

That being said, if you are having a contractor install your shower faucet, you may find if you do not have the Shower faucet in hand when the contractor is ready, they will often try to convince you to purchase a shower faucet that is available locally (which often they receive some kind of kickback from the manufacturer). Well, you can tell your contractor that you wish to wait for a shower fixture you have ordered online, however this may be complicated. Shower valves generally require a government inspector to clear the installation so you can move on to the final phases of the job (tiling etc.) Having your shower rough-in valve and shower faucet in hand, when the contractor is ready, is important so that you avoid any scheduling conflicts/delays in regards to the inspector. Take this advice and order early! Look through some Great Danze Parma Shower items today!